Shared decisions transform health care

Collaboration Is Key​

Learn more about your health care decisions.
Your Health is Our First Priority!

We understand sometimes it can be hard to know what choices are right for us and what options are available to help take our healthcare into our own hands.

We built this tool with the goal of helping people better understand their own healthcare needs and what options are out there for them.

Every person deserves to have all the information they need to make an informed and safe decision about their health. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing information in the clearest and most direct way possible to ensure you have all the tools available so you can make the right choices for your life and your health.

This Shared Decision Making (SDM) Tool is for adults who would like more information or have concerns about managing their Chronic Urticaria (CU). It will assist you in understanding your preferences and can be used alone, or with your healthcare provider.

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