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Interactive Chat Technology (ICT)

Interactive Chat Technology (ICT) is a mutli-platform-based tool that helps patients with questions in real time and helps streamline patient engagement.

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Actionable Insights

SDMCentral collects anonymized data through the use of our tools. This data can be used to create real-time reports that show usage, performance, and ways to improve. Our product team can advise you how to collect data that creates the greatest impact. For more information, contact tcox@sdmcentral.com

The graphics above is a depiction of how your data may be presented.

Shared decision-making Tools

Patients can communicate with their clinicians through convenient shared decision-making assessment tools before or after an appointment or a health care treatment, such as a vaccine appointment. Previously these tools were on paper and were time-consuming. We have developed several digital tools involving chronic diseases that you can sponsor or we can create new ones that your organizations will fund. Below are a library of current tools that are available for sponsorship.

Deciding How to Manage Chronic Urticaria (CU)

COVID-19 Owning Your Decision ™​

COVID-19 and You: Owning Your Decision

COVID-19 and Your Child: Owning Your Decision

COVID-19 and Pregnancy: Owning Your Decision

Treatment Options for COVID-19

Asthma Preference Discovery

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