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Shared decisions transform health care

SDMCentral Specializes in Preference Data

SDMCentral offers innovative tools for patients, clinicians, advocates, drug manufacturers, and health systems.
Interactive Chat Technology (ICT) delivers are to find data.

Pharmacists save time and money with SDM tools for patients with chronic diseases.

Out partners at health care centers develop SDM tools that increase treatment adherence.

Getting Started

Unique Solutions

SDMCentral's growing portfolio of products solves challenges for pharma medical liaison officers, pharmacy owners, health care center administrators, clinicians, and executives at health advocacy non-profits.

More Patient Face Time

Clinics that use SDMCentral tools to gather information give doctors more time to treat the chronically ill.

Cost Saving

SDMCentral's digital questionnaires can increase treatment adherence, saving time and cutting costs at clinics and pharmacies.

Secure and Tested

Our verification by CyberVadis in 2023 ensures SDMCentral's platform is secure and your data is protected.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

SDMCentral validates through crowd-sourcing with diverse subject matter experts who ensure our tools resonate with all cultures, racial, and income groups.

Physician-Backed Company

Our physician executives share their wide networks that give our product team deep insight into clinicians' needs for prescribing and treatment adherence.

Nimble Innovation

As a small company focused on SDM and well-connected to the medical community, SDMCentral moves fast to tailor our platform for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Shared decision-making (SDM) is a process in which patients and doctors share information in order to reach better decisions about health care plans. In the past, many clinics used paper questionnaires to help patients share their information and concerns before a physician visit. SDMCentral invented a digital version of the questionnaire that is more convenient, easier and quicker to fill out and can increase patient involvement. The digital SDM process can help both patient and doctor reach a better outcome together, particularly in treating chronic illnesses such as asthma.
Ted Huwe, Chief Product Officer at SDMCentral, is eager to talk with you about how to develop your idea and distribute it as a new product. Contact Ted at Client.support@sdmcentral.com or call (608) 716-4641.

You can contact us at (608) 716-4641 or client.support@sdmcentral.com.

We develop SDM Tools that are able to be viewed and utilized through a browser or app
We’ve built an SDM community of economically, racially and culturally diverse subject matter experts in the health care field who crowd-validate our clients’ SDM Tools.
SDMCentral collects anonymized data through our tools. We ensure the privacy of patients by maintaining HIPAA-compliant platforms. In 2023 we successfully validated by CyberVadis.
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