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COVID-19 Owning Your Decision ™​

COVID-19 and You: Owning Your Decision

COVID-19 and Your Child: Owning Your Decision

COVID-19 and Pregnancy: Owning Your Decision

Treatment Options for COVID-19

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SDMCentral offers a variety of solutions for our partners. It is a world-class, HIPAA-compliant and fully secure platform that serves as a collaboration hub for health care subject matter experts, advocates, caregivers, and patients to build crowd-validated Shared Decision-Making Tools and then to host the SDM Tools to make available to the world.  

Our team experts will guide you in the development of your Shared Decision-Making Tool. We also offer training and coaching programs developed for your employees as they build the Tool. We also consult with clinicians as they prepare to use the more powerful digital Tools.

Ongoing Tool Evaluation

The world-class, HIPPA-compliant and fully secure platform collects and evaluates the performance of every validated SDM Tool hosted on the platform. This means we can better understand where clinicians and patients get flustered. By reviewing the Tools’ performance, the SDM Tool project team can evaluate the success of the Tool and rapidly update it to serve the true needs of the clinicians, patients, families and caregivers.


Certification Programs

SDMCentral Master Clinical Program

Program Details

  • Earn a SDMCentral Master Clinician Certification.
  • Learn what Shared Decision-Making is and the steps to implementing with a patient.
  • Gain knowledge of elements of communication used in Shared-Decision Making.
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of building and validating an SDM Tool.

Certification Benefits

  • Receive a Certificate and Digital Badge.
  • Earn special certification for the Collaboration Center.
  • Get recognition as an authority in Shared Decision-Making.
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge to build and validate an SDM Tool.

SDMCentral Facilitator Program


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