Hajny Joins SDM as COO

MADISON, Wis. — Justin Hajny, a 15-year startup expert and 2010 MBA graduate of the University of Wisconsin—Madison, recently joined SDMCentral., a Madison-based health care technology company, as Chief Operating Officer.

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Investor Group Taps Guerra

BetterInvesting, a nonprofit designed to teach members how to better invest in stocks, recently chose Dan Guerra, CEO of AltusX to join its board of directors.

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Cox to Debut Chat Tools

Tom Cox, chief revenue officer of Altusinc and a veteran of executive sales teams, travels to Anaheim, Calif. Nov. 9 to the annual American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology where he will unveil an industry-changing technology for chronic diseases.

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Local LatinX Firm Releases COVID Vaccine Tool for the Nation’s People of Color

MADISON, WI. — A LatinX tech entrepreneur from Madison, Wis., made available July 7, 2021, a free tool that he hopes will increase COVID-19 vaccinations for people of color. Daniel Guerra, Jr., CEO of SDM Analytics, a health technology firm, built a decision-making  tool—a device often used in health clinics— with the sponsorship of the prestigious Allergy & Asthma…